HDDA-1 4-Output Component Video Distribution Amplifier

• HDTV Analog Distribution Amplifier (DA).  A YPbPr (RGB) (3-channel) Distribution Amplifier.

• Splits the output of your Progressive Scan DVD or HDTV Set Top Receiver.

• Each output has its own High-Current Cable Driver.

• Drives very long cables (> 300') easily.  No interaction with other outputs.

• Will accept any analog input, Composite Video, YPbPr or RGB at any scan rate

• and give you 4 identical High Bandwidth (200MHz) outputs.

• All Component formats supported including 1080i & 1080P.

• All Connectors are Gold Plated RCA.

• Can be used as three separate 1x4 DA's or loop the outputs back in and create a x10 DA.

• Use as SPDIF/AES-EBU (Digital Audio) DA to split PCM, DTS or AC3 Digital Audio.

• Power Supply (12VDC) Included.  Made in the Oregon,USA!

• Perfect as a Broadcast Utility DA at a fraction of the cost.


Manual (PDF)

HDDA-1 (includes power supply)

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